Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheers from Maui!

So... before I said I was going on one last trip with my brother. It happened! We originally wanted to go to St. Lucia, but we checked the weather for when we were going and it was raining ALL week. so lame. So our back up plan was to Maui and it was awesome! We went to Maui for spring break when I was 16, but didn't really remember it, so this was def so much fun. The weather was ah-mazing. Mid 80s all week. But obviously I missed Jeffy! 
Day 1: hike. so fun. we went with some people from our hostel we stayed at. 

Our group before starting the hike. It was seriously GORG! ah I want to move there. 
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Someone in our group broke her ankle half way into the hike. Her foot was full on dangling. It was pretty gnarly. Two of the guys wrapped her up and carried her all the way back.

Steeper than it looks! Grabbing on to tree roots and sliding on mud down the hill.

Getting our hike on.


Possibly National Geographic status. Possibly. 

Because the girl in the group broke her right ankle, she couldn't drive her rental, so we graciously offered to drive her around the island. We stopped to hike down to this blow hole to jump off some rocks. She may or may not have waiting in the car...
This place was tight. So clearly a ninja type stance is mandatory. 

Fruit stand on the side of the road. Pleasant view= pic opp., obviously.

To get to "Big Beach", we had to take 2 different buses and got off on the last stop and had to hitch hike the rest of the way.  A fine citizen by the name of Kevin was kind enough to give us a ride. Thank, Kev!

Maui 2010! Cheers.

Water was bluuuue. and perfect. and clear. and warm. and perfect.

Just me riding the waves. NBD. 

Our hostel. Inside here you would find a kitchen, pool table, tv. Everyone hung out in here at night. 

And that was our trip! Although we stayed the last night on the airport floor, it was so worth it. Thanks, Sammy, for allowing me to share all these trips with you!! 

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