Friday, September 24, 2010


Jeff was in between jobs last week (his old clients wanted him back and he wasn't the happiest at his current job), so he quit and didn't have to start for a whole week! I've been begging to go to Knott's Berry Farm all summer, but Jeff insisted on waiting til school started so it would less crowded. So I patiently waited all summer (I love theme parks), and when the opportunity came with this whole job thing, we took it and it was perfect! We drove to California Tuesday night and stayed at Jeff's Mom's house. It was nice to visit with her-- we don't see his family nearly enough. The next morning we got up and ventured to Knott's. I'm SO glad we waited! The whole place was totally empty and we walked onto every ride. It was the best! I had so much fun (despite the fact my favorite ride "Ghost Rider"--the wooden roller coaster-- was under construction). Ahh, I love theme parks! It'd been so long. Jeff was trying to keep up with me (bless his heart that entire day haha). It all brought back the best memories, because my family grew up going to Knott's (we weren't Disneyland type folk). On one ride, X-celerator, this one man rode the whole time we were there. I was curious how many times he had ridden it, so Jeff asked him and he said "In the past 8 years I've ridden this 31,804 times"!!! Did I mention he was probably like 65 yrs old? My hero. So funny.

Boysenberry Funnel Cake!
On the way home, we spontaneously stopped at Calico Ghost Town. I hadn't been there since I camped there as a Girl Scout and it was so awesome to me back then, but it was hilarious this time around because it was seriously a GHOST TOWN. We didn't even see one worker. It was so funny. And so boring. I'm glad we got around paying the $6 a person to get in (again... the workers were missing).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peneplain Ave. Update

We have these nice next door neighbors from former Yugoslavia that were the first (and only) to acknowledge us since Jeff got this house. They were always sitting on their porch, smoking a cigarette or drinking a cup of coffee and would always say "hi" whenever we pulled up. Well, a couple days ago I noticed that ALL their porch furniture has disappeared and all their shoes they leave out there are gone as well. The lights are off. No sign of inhabitation. We've been dying to know if they just picked up and left some time while we were at work or something. Tonight we did some 007 of our own and got a flashlight to creep in their back room windows. To our dismay-- EMPTY. No more nice foreign neighbors. And now we get to park in their driveway. SCORE! But I do hope these kind people are doing okay and didn't have to pick up and leave because of the outrageous mortgage (they told us before they bought at the worst time possible and paid more than double than what we did :(

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