Sunday, February 12, 2012

great day.

You know when you go back to work on Monday not feeling totally annoyed to be there because you just had had a really good weekend? This Saturday was one of those for me. Jeff had played football with the guys in our ward that morning and I slept in and on the way home he called me to say, "Hurry and get ready because I'm taking you to breakfast!" He knows just how to make me happy. Seriously, I love food. And I all of a sudden become the happiest girl in the world when we go out to eat. It's the best. While we were getting ready to leave for breakfast, a friend from the ward texts Jeff and says he has TWO EXTRA TICKETS to the sold out Rebel game against SDSU!! I was about to die I was so happy. This is the biggest game of the season. (my Facebook plea for tickets may or may not have had something to do with this offering, but I didn't even care. it got us to the game.) So we went out to breakfast to Egg Works and then happily rode off to the game. 

The game was amazing. We had awesome seats. We won by two in the last 20 seconds. I almost had a heart attack. But then I didn't because we won. The student section was so good as always with the best signs. This beauty was my favorite. Moser, you are my hero. Please take note of how gigantic they made him.

AND THEN, just when the day couldn't get any better... it did. My little brother had planned to proposal to his girlfriend, Rachel. So we had to race from the game over to the park to set up for it. And I think it turned out lovely.

We tried to get Chinese lanterns, but those fell through, so the night before I Googled how to make lanterns, and these little gems appeared. So those are what we made.

Someone had dropped Rachel off at the park where she and Luke go to often together. Along the path, Luke had left little letters with different things written for her. So she read each letter before she ended at the little picnic that was set up with the candles.

After he had finished popping the question and had eaten dinner, we went back to the park to take a couple pictures and to clean everything up while they rode off in that scooter with the cute sign on the back.

We are so happy Rachel will be joining our family. We are small in numbers, so we're excited to have her be a part of us!!

AND just when I thought the day couldn't have been any better, Jeff offered to go see The Vow with me after cleaning up the park. He was just so sweet to me all day and it was the best day ever. I don't know how I got so lucky with him. It was a great day and  I will happily be driving to work tomorrow morning.

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