Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Attempting to Catch Up

Well, it's been about 5.5 weeks since we got married and SO much has happened! I haven't been able to do any blogging since we haven't had a computer. Both mine and Jeff's computer has broke in the past year and haven't been wanting to spend the money on another one, but thanks to my dad who had an extra Mac lying around, we're able to have a working home computer! My iPod also broke forever ago, so now that I'm back with I feel like I can blog my brains out. So let's roll.
So what have the Gileses been up to for the past five and a half weeks, you ask? Wedding, honeymooning, open house in CA, Jeff's birthday and Sally's (my sis-in-law) wedding! So that means a whole lot of pictures. I'll try and spread it out over a couple posts. So let's start with our wedding/honeymoon!
Our wedding day was perfect (minus the little bit of wind, but the overcast made great for pictures). The whole day just flowed. We went straight from the temple to the reception. I'm glad we didn't get a huge gap in between. I loved every minute of the whole day! Thanks to all for making it so special for us.
We honeymooned in Costa Rica and it was a blast! It was so fun to hear Jeff speak spanish the whole time. However, I did forget my camera charger so we didn't get many pictures of the trip. We bought a $25 disposable camera at the resort gift shop, but we remember the days of those cameras-- blurry, off centered, terrible quality. So I'll just post the few we do have. Sorry for the millions of pictures!

This was right after we finally got finished with taking pictures at the temple. We just drive thru-ed In N Out and headed straight to the reception. We were STARVING.
Our beautiful reception! Everything turned our perfect. The whole night was so fun. I even got Jeff to dance a little. Good enough for me! I was one happy girl.
Happiest girl alive. Love him!

Living room
We were so excited about this awesome room. That window overlooked the whole Strip.
Most comfortable bed ever!
Kitchen/dining area
Jeff's famous!
We got treated like royalty here at the Trump. Since they knew we had just gotten married, they changed our check-out time til 4pm (we checked out at exactly 4 haha, we loved being there all day). Anyway, so since we were there all day, we got room service for lunch. Well, $56 later we had two "Trump burgers" to show for it. But they were HUGE and had tasty fries with it. Rip off, but what can ya do about it? (I guess not order it? Too late).
There was a full on TV in the mirror! We were so amazed by this. So we watched The Ringer as we were getting ready in the morning.
Costa Rica, here we come! We were really tired at this point. Had to wake up at 3am to catch our flight.
Beautiful sunset on the plane ride.

Haha, we wanted to see if the maids were trustworthy, so we specially placed our bag of M&M's in a certain order so we'd remember and I took a picture so when we came back to see if they were the same as we left them. And for the record they were not! But who wouldn't want a nice little snack during their work day?
One day we took a taxi to a small town and went to the beach for the afternoon.
The water was so warm!

So one night, Jeff goes out into the ocean and I was just sitting on the beach chairs and he comes back and was limping. And this is was his foot looked like! My poor husband stepped on 3 "sea urchins" (they look like blowfish, but with small bodies and much larger spikes). We were freaking out (or at least I was); we didn't know if they were poisonous! The stupid doctor didn't come for like an hour, so I had to try and get the blasted spikes our myself. I ran to the room to get the camera and Jeff wasn't happy about that. But I knew he'd want a picture of it later! Look at his poor little face in the background. Aww!
This was our resort. It was built on one huge hill (it was so "hilly" that they had shuttles running every ten min. to rive around the resort). Needless to say, my thighs actually got pretty toned! Only upside.

We rented a car and drove a couple hours to a national forest to go hiking.
We took this right after we stopped to get some sandwiches for the hike.
It was really fun to drive and see more of the country.

And that's for the first week of our marriage! We're SO experienced now. Pish posh. Full of marital wisdom. haha. But it's all be so fun, I don't know what took me so long to take the plunge with this sweet man. He's incredible. Until next time, fellow bloggers!


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