Monday, April 25, 2011

So, last Sunday morning I woke up suddenly and told Jeff about the very clear dream I had that night. I dreamt that he got released from his calling as a Primary teacher (we both teach the 4 year olds together). I joked and told him he abandoned me and left me all alone with our class.

Well, lo and behold that SAME day, Jeff and I were sitting in sharing time as usual and an unknown man came up to our row and asked to talk to Jeff in the hall. He came back and said he had a meeting with the Stake President later on that week! My nightmare came true! (Ok, I'm being a little dramatic, but we have just really loved teaching our little class together. It's been so fun!)

So, Thursday rolled around and Jeff came home from his meeting with a freaked out look on his face and sat down on the edge of the bed with a blank stare as we had the following conversation, or something like it:

"What?! Tell me!"
".........." [blank stare, buries his face in his hands]
"Tell me! I'm dying!!"
"... Bro. Rosequist is moving...." (a counselor in the Bishopric)
"WHAT?! This has got to be a joke!"
"I wish it was. I'm too young! I mean, I'm 30, but that's too young!"
(this is where I got ridiculous) "But we're newlyweds!! This has to be a joke!!"  haha
"I'm just kidding, I'm a counselor in the Elder's Quorum Presidency"

Haha. I felt dumb. The real calling suddenly felt like NOTHING after I had so graciously overreacted about the fake calling. It was funny. He had me going for a while and it was so believable.

Anyway, so that's all. I'm just sad to know that Jeff won't be teaching with me anymore! Yesterday was the first day I was by myself with the class and I had to tell them that he won't be their teacher anymore and he's with all their Dads just down the hall. And they were seriously so sad! One girl had tears forming in her eyes as she said, "But I'm gonna miss Bro. Giles!" It was so sweet.

I'm just excited that I wasn't released, too.  I loooove those kids.
I know this is going to be a big job for Jeff, but I know he will be great at it! I have seriously already felt an increase of the Spirit in our home,  because I feel like the Lord was completely aware of Jeff and the both of us when he was called into this calling.

And no, I'm not claiming that I foresaw this change happening because of my dream, it was just a funny coincidence.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I made a dress!

I'm no seamstress, but I saw this dress tutorial on this blog -- it didn't look too hard to make, so I tried it and it wasn't that bad! Actually easier than making pajama pants (which is the extent of my sewing experience). I'm sick of how expensive church clothes are, so I thought what the heck. I'll try this.

It was so easy, because you take a shirt and cut it to where you want the bottom to start and then you just sew fabric to it to make it into a dress. No messing with trying to make sleeves and whatnot. As I was looking through my closet, I couldn't find anything that I wanted to cut or make it into a dress, so off to the thrift store I went and found this shirt for a couple dollars. I also found that belt for a couple dollars and thought it might be cute with it, then off to Joann's to find some fabric I liked.

I love the dark teal/ mustard yellow combo! The tutorial had a little sash to go with it. Couldn't decide between having a sash or the belt. What do you think?

Love this fabric. Had some scraps left over. Maybe make some fabric flowers with it?

Anyway, I thought it turned out pretty cute... and it was cheap. Next time, maybe I'll make the A-line skirt with pockets. But I'm pretty proud of myself for starting something and actually finishing it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 never looked so good...

I realized I never posted about Jeff's birthday. Well... Jeff turned the big 30 on March 19! Can't even believe it! We met when he was 26 and it doesn't even seem that long ago!

So, the morning of he came downstairs and I had his breakfast all made for him. That is my 55 cent banner, haha. I'm not crafty or patient enough to sew the cute looking fabric ones. The birthday menu consisted of French toast and bacon (turkey bacon... don't really recommend it ha). Also, the smoke alarm went off while I was so graciously preparing breakfast. I'd like to think I am ok in the kitchen, but apparently French toast is quite the ordeal.

A few weeks before his birthday, I asked Jeff what he wanted/wanted to do for his birthday. He said, "I just want a basketball. And I want to go laser tagging with my friends." I wasn't sure if this was his 12th birthday or his 30th. Haha. So, on the table was two shirts and a basketball.

Since it was a Saturday, I had to work. After work, I came home and blindfolded him and put him in the car. On the way to our destination, I picked up my Take-out order for BJ's. He promised he wouldn't peek. So I continued the drive out to Lake Mead and had him wait in the car while I set up our little picnic. I figured this was something fun and different than just going to a restaurant. He was pretty surprised when I took off his blindfold. The weather was overcast and kind of windy, so no one else was out there. It was fun being secluded and eating right on the water!

Our fancy meal. I tried to light the candle, but it kept blowing out in the wind.
Jeff was really hoping for a pair of shoes, so I hung on to those to open on our picnic. He was happy about them, because he didn't think I had gotten them.

After Lake Mead, we went to see the movie Limitless. It was good! I of course was just going to go to the movie that Jeff wanted to see, and that's what he chose. I pretty much don't like any movie I watch (I don't know what it is...), but I actually didn't hate it! It was good. Jeff loved it, so I was happy.

The next week, we got some friends together to go laser tagging. It was so fun! We now love that place. My brother, Sam, won by a long shot. I came in dead last... by a LONG shot. It was pretty pathetic, ha, but a lot of fun.

Since me, Christina and Mel coincidentally wore black shirts, we formed an alliance-- The Black Ninjas. But... considering my score, it didn't help me much!

After laser tagging we went back to our house and played basketball with everyone and had ice cream and root beer floats.

I wanted post this list on his actual birthday, but it got busy.

I love Jeff because...

1. he is my favorite person to be around.
2. he is a master movie/tv show quoter. He can remember anything even if he only saw it once.
3. if I ever asked him for a favor, he does it quickly and doesn't complain ever.
4. he's the hardest worker I know. About anything. ie- work, church, projects, cleaning, etc
5. he is very spiritual and teaches me always.
6. he LOVES his family so much and it's so tender.
7. I love every 6'4 inches of him. I was always hoping for a tall husband and I got him!
8. he can carry on a conversation with any type of person.
9. he is the best public speaker.
10. he is the Dr. to my Pepper.
11. he fills up the gas tank for me while I wait in the car.
12. he doesn't hate my cooking. If he does, he pretends to like it.
13. he has never ever raised his voice at me.
14. he can drive stick shift, and I find it soo attractive.
15. he's a ponderer. Always thinks before he says anything and reflects on what he can do to improve.
16. no matter how late it is or how tired we are, he always says, "let's say prayers."
17. he's so complimentary and knows words of affirmation is my love language :)
18. he's a great listener
19. he'll go see really lame romantic comedies with me, because he knows I want to. Even when they end up being sooo dumb and we just laugh about it afterward.
20. he is so knowledgeable about politics and current events.
21. we have the same favorite Modern Family character.
22. he makes me laugh. hard.
23. he doesn't get mad when my side of the closet is messy. he just never says anything about it when I know it irritates him.
24. he would do anything if he knew that it made me happy.
25. he treats me like a goddess pretty much even when I don't deserve it.
26. he's so patient
27. he is the best ping pong player ever.
28. we are always thinking the same thing. we just look at each other and know what the other person is thinking.
29. he grows a beard out just for me.
30. he's the best husband in the world!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Love you!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, yesterday I decided I was feeling really nice so I woke up extra early to make breakfast for Jeff and I. This never happens, because... well... I hate waking up in the morning! So, I make breakfast burritos for Jeff and call him downstairs and he's shocked that I had done this, haha. He left before I did per usual and I left a few minutes later and before I sit down, I see this...

I had totally forgotten it was April Fool's Day until I saw that thing. I chuckled to myself and took a picture of it, so I could text it to Jeff to say, "Nice try at your lame joke" or something. But I was running late for work and would do it later. So I turn the car on and ALL THIS CONFETTI is shooting out from all the air vents!! I'm like laughing so hard because he totally got me. Jeff had been hiding behind the driveway and came running up to me after I gotten "confetti-ized" laughing so hard at me.

So, all day at work I'm trying to think of something I could get him back with! I couldn't think of anything good. After work, I had my brother write this note....

"Sorry about the dent. Give me a call so we can swap insurance info. Travis 702-452-0083"

That night we went out to eat for our date night and during the meal I said I had to use the restroom and secretly ran outside to put the note on the windshield of our car.

As we were walking back to our car, he immediately spotted the note and grabbed it and was all, "Ahh, a dent?! You have got to be kidding me!!" And he's searching around the whole car to find this so-called dent. He found a small scratch that had been there since before we got married and was like, "this has to be it". He was so annoyed. It was so funny. So we spent the next 20 minutes talking about how "Travis is an idiot, and how could someone hit another car in a practically empty parking lot", etc.

I encouraged him to call "Travis", since you should take care of something like this right away. But he insisted on taking care of it the next morning so he "could see it in broad daylight and have a pen and paper in hand to take down all his information."

This is Jeff calling "Travis" the next day hahaha. The number on the note is to one of my friend's house. The answering machine luckily was her dad and didn't say their names. So he left his message... "Hi, Travis, this is Jeff Giles. I'm calling about the dent you left on my car. I appreciate you leaving that note..." yada yada yada. I'm laughing, trying to discretely take this picture...

After he hung up, I told him it was a joke. I'm crying because I'm laughing so hard (it's not even that funny, really... I guess I think I'm hilarious?) So he calls back to leave ANOTHER message to say to disregard his last one.

Got you back! Next year will be better...

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