Monday, February 21, 2011

One Year Down...

I cannot believe we have been married for one year! It has gone by so fast-- can't even believe it. I look back on this past year and think of all that we have done and experienced together and get so happy when I think of the next 60 or 70 years. It's been fun getting used to each other and learning weird things that we didn't know before. It's been a good time, to say the least.

So, we celebrated our anniversary on Friday. After I got off work, I went to my parents house like I always do (mostly to just raid their fridge :) ) When I got there, there was a gift with a note inside. It said...

Happy anniversary!
I will send you a text, so you know what comes next.
So hang at your house til about 6, watch out for Sam he likes to kick.

(haha, my brother)

I was so excited! I love stuff like this. So anyway, around 6:30pm I got this text...

Yeah, I didn't know exactly what place he was talking about, because it could've been a lot of different places. But the first place that I thought of, was the right one. It was the UNLV parking garage because that was one of our first dates-- going longboarding down the parking structure and getting slurpees afterward.

So I got there and another text said "it's under a neon X". I was so excited about this, I loved it haha. So I found an Exit sign and there was another gift under that and Jeff was waiting for me at the top story of the parking garage.

Next, we went to PF Changs because back when we very first started dating, I told him I had never been there before. And he'd say "You haven't?! Well I'll have to take you there!" And a year of dating and a year of marriage later... he finally took me! And it was divine.

Oh, and there was a bag packed beforehand and after dinner we went to the Trump hotel. We love that place. We stayed there the night of our wedding and you can get the best deals there because there's no gambling there, so they give good room rates.

It was great! We slept in and the next day we walked across the street and ate at the Nordstrom's Cafe for some lunch and walked around the mall, then we checked our of our hotel around 4pm.

Sunday night, we went over to my parents house for dinner like we do every week and since this was our actual anniversary we got out the top of our wedding cake and had a piece.

It was a great weekend! I love Jeff and love him more everyday. Even when he beats me at Words With Friends :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The love day.

So, when we picked our wedding date, we just tried to figure out a weekend and Feb. 20th just worked for us. But when we picked it, I didn't really realize that it was going to be our wedding anniversary in ALL the years to come. Yeah, I don't know how that little detail just slipped past me. So Valentine's day will always just be a small thing, because our anniversary is just a few days later and I think that's more important.

So I put together a little somethin' somethin' for Jeff before he came home from work...

I got a huge pack of construction paper from Hobby Lobby for $1.50 (score) and cut out every paper into a million hearts and wrote one reason why I love him on each heart... yeah, Every. Single. Heart. There's more posted on the other walls but they're not all pictured.

Don't be thinking I got him some new lap top or something in that gift bag. Just a t-shirt (which was on sale-- score, again).

Jeff got me some flowers. He got me some tulips because he said he likes my "two lips" haha. And this really cute jewelry box with a little necklace inside. The best part of my gift was my hilarious card. I always look forward to those. My favorite cards to get are just a piece of computer paper folded in half with a funny comic on one side and then the written part on the other side. Jeff makes the funniest comics. I love them. He does this for every card I get, because that's what me and my family do for each other and it's the best thing ever. This comic was "New Discoveries About My Wife", and just different scenarios about me. Sooo funny. And the card itself was so sweetly written.

Then we just went to CPK for dinner and walked over to Borders and drank hot apple cider and read magazines. It was simple and great. Oh, and when we got home, he let me watch The Bachelor :)

It was a fantastic V-day and I just love him more everyday!


This is the month of love, so I just wanted to give a little shout out to my man. He's great. That's all. We met back in the summer of '07 (I was 20, he was 26). Jeff had actually gotten my friend's number at a party and he called her and invited "her and her friends" to hang out with him and his roommates. And I was one of the "friends". We just hit it off right away because I told some lame joke that he still remembers. We went out a few times that summer, but didn't really think much of it, because I was moving to Provo at the end of the summer for Esthetic school. We talked every once in awhile for the next year. Mostly just Facebook comments here and there. I moved home in August of the next year to just work and save some money for a few months, because I was set and planning on going to India to travel and work in an orphanage for 3 or 4 months. I went up to Provo to visit friends over General Conference weekend and happened to break my leg Classic Skating (I know, so embarrassing right haha). I was planning on leaving to India 3 weeks from then, but plans changed once I took that graceful fall on the roller rink and had a broken leg for the next 2 months. I ran into Jeff at a Halloween party a few weeks later and just hit it off even better the second time around (leg brace and all); it was pretty funny. So, that was Fall of '09. We've been inseparable ever since! After a year of dating we were engaged and 2 and a half months later married on February 20th. Although, I was pretty upset about breaking my leg, that was for sure was a blessing in the end, because I wouldn't have ever started dating Jeff if I had gone to India (my plan was to move back to Utah after I got back from my excursion). Thank you, Jeff for making me one happy girl every day!


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