Sunday, March 20, 2011

Old Birthday Days.

It was Jeff's birthday yesterday! And since I want to eventually print this blog into a book, I wanted to start posting old pictures I have. So, let's take a stroll down the ole' Memory Lane and reminisce on our dating days when we spent Jeff's first birthday as a couple. So precious.

So, this was Jeff's 28th birthday. We had been dating for about 4 months. I picked him up and went to Black Angus for dinner, because his favorite meal is steak and potatoes. After dinner, we went to Mickey's Poolhall to play some pool. Then over to U-Swirl for some frozen yogurt-- we ate outside on the tables and I put a candle in his yogurt and sang to him. Haha.

After dessert, we went back to my house where Jeff's gift was waiting for him on the couch. I gave him a bunch of random things that didn't go together, so I took a long piece of cardboard and traced my brother on it, cut it out and dressed it up with the gifts I got him, and took a picture of Jeff's face and glued it onto the head. It was pretty funny. It freaked Jeff out when he walked through the door.

The sign the figure thing is holding says, "Happy Birthday to ME! My girlfriend is so hott." haha.

Anyway, so that was a couple years ago and I was trying to remember what we did last year. It was right after we were married and I don't remember taking any pictures. Sorry, Jeffy.

Oh and p.s. I get really happy when I compare the length of my hair from then to now. Woo!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The weather right now is so awesome. I hate that Jeff and I both don't have graveyard work shifts (not really), so we can be out doing awesome things, like roller blading and garage sale-ing and basketballing and swimming all day. I mean, there's only like 2.5 weeks of great weather and we're letting it slip through our fingers! Right now, Jeff is doing yard work and pulling out weeds and whatnot while I sit on the porch with the computer just browsing the internet on mindless things sipping on my crisp beverage of choice (ok, fine, it's just water-- let's face it, our fridge is empty). It's soo perfect outside, I love it! And Jeff is doing a fantastic job at destroying the ever so dreadful task of weed pulling.

Life is simple and good right now. Much to be thankful for. Speaking of which, I just got back Sunday from a great weekend with my lady in-laws. I love them.

Jeff is turning 30 this weekend-- eek! (his word, not mine.) It's kind of stressing him out, ok not really again. but it's just weird. As of last month we're technically not "newlyweds" anymore and I'll be married to a 30 yr old? This is strange. But I love it. Life together just feels natural and how it's supposed to. We're moving up in the world in our classy little home and my homemade wreath and leftover homecooked meals in the fridge with my coupon clippings on the counter and my TLC shows recorded on DVR. And wouldn't change any of it.

Happy to be alive! :)

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