Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, I never thought I'd become a blogger, but I guess I better jump on that wagon since all of Jeff's family does :) So here we are! The Giles. Lets get our blog on.
Ok, people. We have (technically since it's after midnight) 3 DAYS until we get married. Umm... WHA???? So wierd. I feel like we've been engaged forever, but it's only been 2 and a half months. We cannot WAIT to have a normal life again. This wedding has consumed both of our lives for the past.... ever. Seriously. But, nonetheless, we can't wait to be married!

Things to do:

- Clean my car
- Finish packing up/cleaning my room
- Figure out lights for chinese lanters
- Finish center pieces
- Move everything to Jeff's ... eh-hem... I mean OUR house :)
- Plan our honeymoon

and.... who knows. a million other things. No one cares to read this list, anyway haha.

Things to look forward to:
- Family/friends coming into town!
- Having fun with the girls on Thursday night
- Having the best day ever on Saturday!
- Not having to think about wedding plans anymore and just enjoying the day
- Leaving for Costa Rica on Monday! (THANK YOU, Renee!!!!)
- Being tan
- The open house in California
- Coming home and having a normal life with a husband and doing my wifely duties
- Going to Sally and Eter's wedding next month! I'm so excited I'll be able to be in the temple with them

Well. Anyway. Basically I'm so excited for everything to come!! See everyone soon!

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