Sunday, June 5, 2011

san diego.

So, we've been trying to plan a trip for forEVER. Since December to be exact. We finally decided to go to Cancun (my brother gave us buddy passes), but we poorly planned it because we planned it not even realizing it was Memorial Day weekend! That's a problem, since we're flying standby. So flights filled up, so we decided to go to San Diego last minute and try again for Mexico in a couple of weeks. My brother and his girlfriend asked if they can come and I'm glad they did! It was fun having they come along. Jeff was especially excited to go because one of his best friend's lives there and his sister, Sally! It was great seeing them since visits are few and far between. 

The weekend included: the beach, taco shop, watching Jeff get owned by the sun-- poor thing had swollen feet he got sunburned so bad!, loving that Jeff was in his element with his best friend, SD temple, chatting with Andy's wife and Sally on the beach (the water was WAY too cold for me to even be a swim suit :), spending time with Sally and Eter, lots of Phase 10, La Jolla Cove with tons of seals, church, Mormon Batallion, and the stateline roller coaster on the way home! We love that thing (or maybe it's just me)


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