Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bedroom Re-do!

So, ever since we've been married I've been always wanting to decorate our bedroom. Well, the picture below is what it's looked like for the last year and a half. Orange and bare. We painted it burnt orange right before we got married and I had big plans to make it look awesome with decor. Although, I loved the color, soon after I realized I had no clue how to decorate around it. So, Jeff allowed me to repaint and redecorate! I thought now is the best time time to do it, because hopefully before too long we'll have a little babe and then I know it will just be put off for years. 

My aunt is the queen of decorating. Seriously, that's her talent in life. She is the one that did my whole wedding. She just lives a skip away in St. George, so she was so kind enough to come down and help me with it all. She's awesome. And now she's redoing my boss's whole house after she had seen pictures of my room! 


So much junk everywhere! That whole pile in the corner has literally sat there since I moved in when we got married {embarrassing, I know}. The main reason Jeff gave me the ok to redo it all is so that pile will be out of there forever! So without further ado...


The only thing we had to work with that we already had was the duvet cover and the black frames we had gotten from IKEA {which I still have to fill with black and white pictures}. Pretty much everything else you see we got from thrift stores or garage sales.

We already had the duvet cover, so I just picked out the fabric and my aunt made that headboard and the cornice! {I didn't know what that was either, but its the box thing above the window} See, I told you she's awesome.

She also made those wood wall hangings. She got the wood from Home Depot and just did her thang.

My picture collage that took forever. Spray painted all the garage sale/thrift store frames white and put black and white pictures in them. I still have to put pictures in the small ones. I'm gonna put a baby picture of me and Jeff in each of them. That little picture of a clock is set at 1:00... that's the time Jeff and I got married :)

We found that dresser at Salvation Army for $25!!! We were SO happy. It's in great condition. We just painted it white {which also took forever!}. I still have plans to do something with that lamp shade. Maybe put lace all around it or something.

And now we just have to paint the bathroom. I'm thinking apple green to tie in the green pillows on the bed.

There you have it folks! We're really happy with it {when I say "we", I mean "me". Jeff couldn't care less}

It was a fun weekend garage sale-ing and painting and decorating with my Aunt. Thanks Sue!!! I'm in LOVE!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have a few trips I need to update on, but I'll start with our last-minute trip from last weekend. We decided to go the night before and I'm so glad we did! We went to my grandparent's cabin in Pine Valley, UT. My grandparents built this cabin before I was born and it has been one of my favorite memories growing up. We would go there every year for Thanksgiving (we'd find our own Christmas tree in the woods and cut it down and haul it back to Las Vegas on the roof of our plum colored Toyota Previa and our house always smelled of fresh pine for the holidays), Labor day, Memorial Day, Pioneer Day... basically any time we got a chance to go up there we would and spend the time with all our cousins running around playing kick the can. I love it.  I hadn't been there in years for whatever reason and I just had been aching to go back! And Jeff had never been there so I wanted to show him where I spent so many holidays growing up.

AND there was the annual Corn Fest in Enterprise, UT (a small town kind of near Pine Valley where we always had our Holt family reunions. My grandma also grew up in Enterprise). I had never been to the corn fest, because it was probably always the weekend BEFORE Labor Day and we wouldn't be there.

I didn't take hardly any pictures. What's new.

So we drove up to St. George to visit my Grandpa before heading up to the cabin. I love my Grandpa. Have I mentioned he'll be 90 years old in November and still golfs three times a week? How awesome is that? I guess drinking a gallon of milk every 2 days will do that for ya.  Oh and 20 years in the FBI. Yeah, he's a stud. It's funny, because Jeff always wants to talk to him about his days doing that (I mean, seriously he was in Chicago during the 60s), but my grandpa is not a talkative guy and all he says is, "Oh yeah, it was a good job...." Haha. 

My Aunt Susie, mom, Luke, Sam, me

So this is in Enterprise. It's a super small but cute town in the middle of no where. This is the house where my grandmother was born and raised in and the house where my mom spent her summers growing up.

After going to the corn fest we went to our family cemetery and visited there for a bit. Then we drove out to the Meadows Mountain Massacre site. I had actually never been there. It was so sad to see the names of all the women and children that were killed.

This is the cabin I love so dearly. So many memories flooded my mind throughout the weekend. Jeff probably got so sick of hearing all these boring stories, but I can't help it! I love this place. We spent the evening playing cards, ping pong and pool. It was fun having my brothers there, too, and spending that time with them. We played doubles in pool and our last game lasted until I think 2am. It was fun.

Before dinner, us and my brothers drove out to the reservoir and walked around and skipped rocks. This is my brother, Luke, swinging a stick at the dragon flies.

It was such a nice getaway and I'm so glad we went!  I really miss that place. It was great not having any phone reception so no one was distracted and we all just hung out. Jeff and I decided we HAVE to buy a cabin someday. He grew up going to Big Bear, so he knows how great it is to go to one growing up. We want our kids to have the same memories.

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