Thursday, November 25, 2010


Since it's still Thanksgiving, I can still write my thankful list. And thinking about my blessings just makes me happy.
  • a ridiculously loving husband who makes me happy everyday
  • my amazing parents who having given me more than I deserve and taught me so much.
  • I wish I always had a sister (but thanks to Jeff, I've gained 4 :)), but man do I love my brothers! We have so much fun together and they're hilarious
  • the piano... I could listen to any kind of piano music for forever.
  • my car... I can't imagine riding the bus everywhere or having to bum rides off people all the time
  • hot showers
  • Dr. Pepper
  • air planes and being able to see some really awesome places
  • my health
  • unlimited texting
  • cameras and photos so I can remember the happy times
  • playing ping pong with Jeff
  • Sunday dinner at my parents
  • lip gloss
  • my DVR that jeff finallllyyy let me get
  • being able to spend all 3 hours of church with Jeff and the crazy 5 yr olds we get to teach together

Jeff's list: (I made him do this because I was curious what his list would be)

  • I'm thankful my wife isn't one of the idiots on 16 and pregnant (she's watching it now)
  • a wife who is kind, thoughtful, pretty, smart, an excellent cook and many other things
  • the house that we have to live in
  • the ping pong table in the garage
  • good health
  • the jobs that we have
  • that we have everything we need
  • my wonderful family: wife, mom, siblings, nieces, nephews, in-laws
  • the gospel of Jesus Christ that gives us a much better perspective about what really matters

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lucky to Have My Half

Nothing notable has happened this week, except for just realizing how great it is to be married to the person you love the absolute most. Sometimes I accidentally forget that. I mean, I always know, but at times I don't fully recognize the meaning of how wonderful it really is. The sweet times that make you reflect for an instant how much you have a deep love for that person.

Like when I do silly things like make up songs and just sing about whatever is happening at the moment, he just laughs (even when it's like the 10th song that day haha) and kisses me on the forehead and tells me I'm funny.

Or like last week we went to go look at gigantic model homes just for fun and he got so into it, acting like we were actually going to buy one of them (we're talking like 4,000 sq. ft. homes for like $500,000) and excitedly gave his opinion about the layout/design and yelling "Now THIS is what brings a family together!!" (talking about how open the upstairs was) and being dead serious. It was seriously the hardest I'd laughed in a long time.

Or no matter how dead we are laying in bed and on the verge of REM sleep, he shakes me and says lets say prayers.

Last night we had our usual date night and at the beginning we had to run over to his Uncle's house to pick something up. His uncle coincidentally lives a block away from the house I grew up in from age 2 to 13. So that neighborhood is so special to me. Driving there flashes back a gazillion memories from my childhood. And I was telling Jeff a ton of little stories while we were driving through the neighborhood. And he's the one person that cares about little stuff like that, like my past, because he knows how meaningful it is to me.

When we spoke in church a few months ago, I told a story from when I was 9 and used it as an analogy about our relationship with Christ. The story was one time my friend and I walked to McDonald's and for whatever reason we didn't feel like walking home, so we hopped on some random city Cat bus thinking it was going to drive straight to my house and drop us off on my driveway and we ended up driving around the city for over 2 hours until the bus driver finally pulled over and walked to the back of the bus to help us and long story short, we ended up getting dropped off at bus stop directly across the street from where we were initially. So anyway, when we walked to McDonald's, we walked through a big ditch with railroad tracks on it (on the other side of my backyard wall, was that ditch). I really wanted to see what my old backyard looked like, so Jeff insisted we parked at that McDonald's and walk on the railroad tracks-- it was probably a half a mile walk-- so we could peek over the wall into my old backyard that I played in for so many years.

I thought that was so sweet. This whole area had no sentiment to him, but he knew it did to me, so we walked all that way in the pitch dark just to see my old backyard. That's especially when I knew he's such a great guy. Because he'd insist on doing that just for me.

I just love him!

And I'm writing this as he's working til midnight doing his second job, valet, because he wants to earn some extra money. And he doesn't complain. He just works hard. He's so great.

and Ps- I know you're probably wondering how the heck that short bus story could've been a gospel related analogy, but I made it work :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Every time I see a dog my heart gets super sad and I just want one! About this time last year, we put our sweet dog, Sadie, down. I got really sad about it. Like really sad. It was the first time Jeff ever saw me cry, and I never cry. Ask anyone. He basically didn't know what to do haha. My dad surprised me with how down he got over it (because the first time we brought her home he was NOT happy about it). Her little dog collar still hangs in his rear view mirror. So tender, right? He wouldn't let my mom throw away her food bowl for months after she was gone (it sat in the same spot for years). We got Sadie when when I was about 6 years old. Hello, that's a long time! She was seriously THE best dog ever. My brother, Sam, will try telling you it's HIS dog, because when I was like 9, me and my brothers played a game of Uno and bet Sadie. So whoever won got to keep her.

I try to convince Jeff that we need a dog so we can "practice being parents". baha. He's not fooled.

This was taken the day my mom took her in.

Is it pathetic I'm posting about Sadie? Probably. Bah! But this is like journal ish so whateva.

On a lighter note, I'm just 2 measly math classes short of a lame Associates degree. I know, even more pathetic than dog reminiscing. I honestly have a massive load of hatred for Math. It's strictly a hate hate relationship. That's why when it was the only thing keeping me back from said degree, I said forget it and moved on to Esthetic school-- what I really wanted to do. So, 3 years later I figure I just need to suck it up and DO IT. But it's such a PAAAAIN. The whole process of figuring out which Dixie math classes are equivalent to CSN's, talking to counselors from both schools, being put on hold over the phone for centuries, etc. and I still have yet to sign up for my class. I know, I'm so whiney right now. Math puts me in a terrible mood. I better feel accomplished once I pass these stupid things! okthatsallbye.

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