Tuesday, June 22, 2010

friday friday friday.

(He's the one on the left)

My younger brother, Luke, comes home from his mission [[Japan]] on FRIDAY!! I can't wait. I've missed that booker bug. My family will officially be complete (with the exception of future spouses). See you soon, Lukie!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As of Late

I feel like I've neglected my wifely duties by not updating what's been going on. Mostly because it's the least bit interesting to the outside reader. I don't even have any pictures for interest, because my camera broke on Saturday. But here are some things that have been going with us as of late:
  • Jeff has begun his new job and loves it, we'll be going to a pool party with the company this friday at the boss's house
  • We got new ward callings-- Primary workers-- we should be getting our permanent class this week. We've just been subbing whatever class up until now. It's hilarious.
  • One of my best friends, Kelli, got married on Saturday! It was so fun. She looked gorg, but alas, my camera broke right as I was trying to take a picture of her coming out of the temple
  • We're speaking in church on Sunday. Don't remind me (why do I hate getting up in front of people so much?! oy-vey)
  • Loving the Bachelorette (well, Jeff doesn't, but now he has to get in on it because new clients of his LOVE reality tv, so he has to impress him with his newfound useless knowledge about Ali and the weatherman and entertainer wrestler etc.)
And that sums up our lives. baha. Told you nothing to blog about. Until next time!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bid Thee Farewell

Ok, this new layout is a little distracting, but too lazy to change it. Blogs are too much maintenance, yeah?

So, the past 2 years I have been able to fly for FREE (or if going out of country, we pay a small international tax. AKA- we spent a measly $30 flying to Peru amongst many other foreign destinations). So basically it was awe-some. This has happened because my older brother, Sam, works for JetBlue and was kind enough to put me as his significant other, which means I get all the same benefits. I must say that I have gotten much too comfortable with this luxury. My brother and I have been on SO many trips these past 2 years and saying I'm sad is an understatement of the year. Jeff, on the other hand, is sick of this amazingness because he's been just watching me leave on these adventurous travels while he stays home and wins the bread.

So this is all sadly coming to an end for me, because my younger brother, Luke, is coming home from his mission in a few weeks and Sam is deciding to let him rejoice and feast on this delicious meal since I've been indulging in it while he's been gone and I'm a married hag now. Sam and I want to do one last hurrah before I get the boot, and we're not sure where to go! We were thinking Barbados, but that's a lot of flying since we can only be gone for a couple days. Although, once we randomly decided last minute to go to Puerto Rico and after flying we were there for literally 24 hrs and came back home. And it was awesome.

I'm grateful that I had this because I was able to have a stronger bond with my brother. It's been fun going on so many trips together. So you better believe that Jeff and I will be saving all pennies and dimes in between the couch cushions so we can join the rest of my family on more fun filled excursions!

Trips we've been on:
  • Countless trips to SLC to visit my homegirls from school
  • Spending my 22nd birthday in St. Maarten and NYC during Christmas time (amazing)
  • Peru for 2 weeks. in love with that place.
  • Canada to visit my wonderful family!
  • Florida to hang out with my very best friend who was home before she left on her mission
  • Puerto Rico which was totally out of nowhere that we went. We found out the flight was leaving in 1 hour and I just packed a backpack and we headed to the airport
  • Houston, TX (our preferred destination was New Orleans, but all the flights were full, so we just decided to stay in Houston for a night and day. Come what may! It was fun.
  • NYC again, but with this time Jeff (boyfriend at the time), Sam, and our engaged friends (at the time) Mel, and Preston. we were there for the 4th of july. FREAKING FUN.

And I'm sure some more, but can't think of them. But so many memories were made on these trips and I bid thee farewell, oh sweet treasure of mine. I will miss the incredibly fine dining of the JFK airport food (seriously. it's the bomb dig).

So I will update on a later date of my final free of charge trip!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

No title.

So, you may know I am not really much of a movie person. I just get kind of wrestless during the 2 hour duration and I'd rather just chat with friends than sit and watch a movie. But me and Jeff rented a movie that I love (we both did)! It's so cute. Typical story: Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't. It had a small release in the theaters, so I had heard of the name, but that was it. So we decided to pick it up. Good pick! It was only one other time I have been able to pick a movie that Jeff likes (I picked out Stephen King's "Misery" one night for us to watch and he LOVED it. even bought it). But we both loved this movie. So if you haven't watched it-- watch it! Oh, and Jeff..... I also really want the soundtrack. Please and thank you.

Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked reeeally seriously attractive in this movie. Loved all his clothes. Jeff and I are using him as our inspiration for next round-up of clothes shopping for Jeff (per his request, not mine, but I'm not going to argue!)

Clearly, our lives are far from interesting if I'm managing to blog about this. But humor me.

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