Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Check Your Box

Ok, before I continue this post, can I just say what an incredible husband I have? I mean, c'mon, people. What men blog and more importantly-- what men blog about the special women in his life? That's my man! I'm so lucky to have him.

Ok, moving along...

So, I've heard many-a-stories of couples taking 4,213,928 years to do their thank you cards. I've read and have been told it's proper to do them by your one year anniversary. Is this for real?! If I got a thank you card from 11 months prior, I don't think I would even remember what gift I gave. I guess hearing many friends say they are close to their one year mark and have yet to complete them or even do them at all, I feel like the Gileses (I hate how redundant that looks, but I guess it's correct) is in pretty good shape! We are just about 7 weeks post wedding and we got almost ALL of our cards sent out! Give or take a few addresses that we haven't been able to get yet, but still! I'm pretty proud. I mean, that's good, right? I guess it has helped having Jeff do his side and me do my side. He's so helpful. Love him. Anyway, just giving you an exciting life update. This is our life. And it's exciting.


Monday, April 12, 2010

How I knew what to look for...

A few years ago I decided what it was I was looking for in a wife. After some reflection I came up with 5 things. I wanted someone who was:

1) Attractive- Not only cute but someone I had fun with and always wanted to be around.
2) Funny- Someone who could make me laugh so hard I'd pee my pants.
3) Smart- Someone who loves to learn and who knows a lot about things I'm clueless about.
4) Spiritual- A girl who lives and loves the gospel of Jesus Christ.
5) Charitable- A mother for my children. Someone who could sacrifice everything for someone else.

As I was coming up with these things I realized where I got them from. My Mother and my sisters. These are qualities I see in all of you but there's one attribute I really associate with each one of you. Can you tell what it is just by looking at the list?

It's creepy to say that your sister is attractive so I won't say it but Amy is someone I always love to be around. Even when I was being a punk teenager I still went and stayed with her and Dan in Utah. After my mission when she was living at Mom's house we used to stay up late talking all the time. She was the only person I would talk to about the girls I liked. Even now I still call her when I have a problem.

Just thinking about Kate makes me laugh. Seriously I just started chuckling when I wrote her name. I remember growing up so many times when Kate would say something that would make me crack up even if she was making fun of me. Like once we were listening to the Smashing Pumpkins song- 1979 and it says "hung down with the freaks and ghouls" and she turned to me and said you're one of the "ghouls." It caught me totally off guard and I just said "no way you are." As a joke she acted really offended and started hitting me. I couldn't stop laughing long enough to fight back.

Smart as she is I'm certain Sally saw the list and immediately knew which quality was hers. There's no getting around it she's bright and talented. The only one of us that can really play the piano, and she's been in college longer than the rest of us combined. I remember in high school having her teach me how to do algebra. Even then she was a great teacher. She remained patient even as I was being obnoxious and telling her it was pointless to learn this stuff she carried on until I finished every problem. I don't like arguing with her you never feel like you win you just feel like she gets tired of talking about it. What's most remarkable about her intelligence is the fact that she never shows it off. She never tries to make you feel dumb for not knowing something. I guess that's another thing I can learn from her.

Who's that little girl bearing her testimony oh it's Miranda every month without fail. I'm certain that she actually read The Book of Mormon before I did. She was probably ready to serve a mission before I was too. It's one thing to read your scriptures a lot but quite another to actually live it but that's what she did. How else could she have forgiven me so often for being rude and insensitive. When I was 17 we both went to get our patriarchal blessings I realized then that she really had a stronger deeper testimony than I did despite being a couple years younger. And I'll bet that's still the case.

"Charity suffereth long and is kind" I could substitute charity for Mom and it wouldn't change the meaning in the smallest degree. If everyone had a mother like ours the the world would be a completely different place. I feel guilty when I think of how much Mom has done for me. I can't count the number of times she stayed up late with me. How many times she made dinner, drove me somewhere, replied with kindness to an angry word. After the saviour the person I feel most indebted to is mom. She gives until there's nothing left with no thought for herself. I'm beyond blessed to have a mother like her.

With Carrie I really feel like I got it all in one incredible person. As you can see in the photo she's so pretty! I really didn't think I would be able to get a girl this good looking. More importantly after being together almost everyday for the last year and a half I'm not tired of being with her. We laugh all the time about the stupidest things. She says the weirdest things that crack me up. There are times when it gets to be so much that my sides ache and my eyes water. While writing this blog I've asked her how to spell several words she knew all but one of them. She can play the piano and has tried to show me a couple things but I'm hopeless. She's so faithful. She never worries about anything because she knows the Lord will bless us if we live right. Charity is where she really shines. We've only been married for like 7 weeks but she's learned how to make tons of different meals, cleans the house when I'm at work, goes to work herself and generally tries to make sure that I'm happy. I find myself more in love with her everyday.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, lately I've been obsessing over a few different things. The biggest being anything that has to do with interior decorating. I'm always on the look out for cute [cheap] home decor. Even though Jeff could care less about it, I'm so excited to turn this place into our home and not the house that he and his roommates lived in before we got married. I want to decorate this place, because I still feel like his roommate Brady is going to walk through the door, or Troy is going to do his usual routines like come downstairs, open the freezer, take out his frozen peas, walk outside, drop them on the concrete, come in, then go back upstairs. Jeff lived in this house for a while before we got married, so I wanted to make sure we started out with a fun clean slate! Although, I just wish I had a knack for this sort of thing. So don't judge the final product!
I picked out paint color yesterday! I want it to be colorful and fun. This transition should be interesting because Jeff is the king of all neutrals. So I'm sure we'll be doing much compromising!
Why can't cute wall paper be cheap?
sarah9 by erigutt.

Another thing that's been a change is I got another job. This is job #3. We'll see how it goes. It's another Esthetician position at a salon one of my best friends works at. Not sure if it's a conflict of interest working at two spas, but pish posh-- let's be real, I need some cash flow coming in. So now I'll be juggling the three places.
Also, I don't know if marriage has brought out the Martha Stewart in me, but I'm all about doing crafts now. I know, so strange. But I already have one en route that I'll be doing when Jeff is engrossed in this week's episode of Lost.

Who wants to make these with me?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Believe

My brother made this documentary for fun while my family and I were up in Salt Lake for conference a couple years ago. He's so talented. I love this video because it testifies that our Savior lives and speaks to us through a living Prophet who guides us through these difficult days. I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating Easter this year and watching conference. I hope to always keep Christ close to my heart and to remember his perfect life and atoning sacrifice-- not just one day a year. So in light of conference, I posted the video. Enjoy!


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