Thursday, October 28, 2010

Date Night

We recently decided to have "date night" every Friday night. I plan the whole date for one Friday, he does it all for the next, etc. and we just alternate. So since it was my idea, Jeff was kind enough to allow me to do the first one (thanks for the pressure, honey). So last week we gave it a go! I was planning on going to Canada today, but that didn't work out, so since I thought I was going to be gone Halloween weekend, I wanted to do something "Halloweeny", since we hadn't done any of that yet. So I started our night out at Fausto's. America's best Mexican establishment. Jeff had never been there, and who could beat a good cheap meal?

Next we went to a haunted house on the North side of town at the Cannery. It was so fun! We decided it was the best one we've ever been to. I was seriously screaming the entire time. And we ended up selling our second set of tickets (since there were two haunted houses), so long story short we ended up only paying $7 bucks for the both of us! (originally $27). GO US. We were so proud of ourselves that we went to Dairy Queen afterward and stuffed our faces in Blizzards. I got the pumpkin pie blizzard and it's ammmmaazzzinnngg.

So let's recap...

Dinner: $8
Activity: $7
Dessert: $5
total- $20!!!!

3 course date for 10 bucks each? SCORE.
I've set the bar high.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Partying with Dee-isney

Last weekend we went to California for a surprise birthday party Jeff and the siblings threw for my mother-in-law's big 60th! There was about 80 people that were invited so I was pretty sure it was going to get back to Jeff's mom by the night of, but it didn't! It was a total surprise which made it so much better. It was a lot of fun sneaking around trying to finalize last minute arrangements beforehand. The party turned out great and it was an awesome weekend with the whole fam.
We got to CA on Friday and went to Disneyland with Jeff's sister, her husband, and their four kids, and Jeff's mom. Amy had a Free Admission ticket from 1985 that hadn't been used yet!! She got it from a friend years ago who got it from a friend and forgot all about it til this weekend, and sure enough it totally worked! We had fun that day. I should really try to take more pictures, but I'm terrible about it. Sorry, folks.

Jeff was really good at this shooting game. I was pretty impressed.

Dallin loves his Uncle Jeffy.

Everyone on Small World.


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