Thursday, July 28, 2011


I just found this picture on my computer and had to share. This is me as a fresh 16-year-old with my first real job. Hot Dog on a Stick. So embarrassing, right? I didn't even know this picture existed. But I can just picture my mom grabbing the camera before I went off to work for the first time to capture this exciting moment while I'm moaning and groaning in embarrassment. I actually really LOVED this job. I worked there with 2 of my best friends and it was just the most fun thing ever.

Oh and the world famous hat that completes every Hot Dog on a Stick uniform were kept safely guarded at the store. They were much too sacred to take home with us. That is why it's not pictured... I know, you were probably hoping to see me wearing it :)

Aren't my metal braces and poorly shaped brows so cute?

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